Blaupunkt Enno Electric bike can go for 80 miles on one charge. It will also be equipped to travel at affordable cost

Blaupunkt Enno Fat folding electric bike was unveiled. The bike has 20 more tires with wider tires are included to ensure an enjoyable ride. The bike folds into multiple positions, and comes with folding pedals and a handlebar, and an easy release mechanism to allow simple opening.

In terms of measurements when folded up, the motorcycle is 1,000 millimeters in length, 500 millimeters wide and 750 millimeters in thickness. However when folded it measures 1,750 millimeters while the width is 700mm as well as the width is 1100 millimeters. The Schengy rear mounted motor that produces 55 Nm of torque. When it comes to speed, it runs at speeds of up to 25 kmph through five modes. The detachable lithium-ion battery comes with it. Concerning the distance, it covers an area of up to 80 kilometers in one charge. It can be fully charged within 7.5 hours, or at least 80 percent in 6 hours.

Features of Blaupunkt Enno E-Bike

An additional battery option can be added to enhance the power for the motorcycle. The e-bike comes with seven-speed Shimano gearshift as well as disc brakes Tektro located on the rear and front on the bikes. The e-bike as well as the battery weighs in at 32 kilograms. It is able to support the maximum weight of 110kg. The pedelec is equipped with LED lighting and two racks for luggage at the front and back. The bike comes with an LCD display that gives riders the details about the bike and its riding experience, such as the speed and charging of the battery.

Blaupunkt Enno E-Bike Price

Concerning the cost, the price of Blaupunkt Enno electric bike within Germany can be found at EUR 1,899 i.e. approximately Rs 1,57,021 in Indian currency. It’s not known if Pedelec is sold in any other market.

Its name is the Blaupunkt Enno is the latest Fat Folding e-bike with extra-wide 20-inch tires to provide a pleasant ride. It folds up in a variety of locations, including folding pedals and a handlebar and a quick-release mechanism that can assist in folding it.

This bike is 1,000 500 x 775 millimeters (~39.4 inches x 19.7 29.5-in) when folded. 29.5-in) after folding. Its dimensions are 1,750 x 700x 1,100 millimeters (~68.9 inches x 27.6 43.3-in) 43.3-in) when folded. A Shengyi motor that is mounted to the rear will assist you with speeds of up to 25 km/h (~16 mph) in five different modes, with a torque of 55 Nm. The detachable lithium-ion battery has the possibility of up to an 80-kilometer (~50 miles) range, and can recharge completely within 7.5 hours, or up to 70% in about 6 hours.

It is also possible to purchase an additional battery to increase the range of the bike. The e-bike features seven-speed Shimano gearshift, as well as disc brakes Tektro in the rear and front of the vehicle. The battery and e-bike weigh 32 kilograms (~71 pounds) and can carry up to 110 kilograms (~243 pounds). The pedelec is equipped with LED lights on the rear and front and two luggage racks.

A display on the LCD provides you with details about the bike as well as your journey, such as the battery’s charge and speed. You can buy the Blaupunkt Enno e-bike in Germany for EUR1,899 (~US$2,006). It’s unclear if and when the pedelec will be sold in other markets.

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